So You’ve Decided You’re Ready for A Newf…
Now what do you do next? You will find that most Newfoundland breeders are small kennels. Most produce 1-2 litters a year, and often have a waiting list of puppy buyers. Here are some suggestions to meet breeders and make contacts in your search for the right Newf for you.

1. Contact the Newfoundland Club of America.
The NCA provides an information packet containing the breed standard, information on joining the NCA, facts about the breed and a list of registered breeders. The NCA has specific requirements for breeders to be listed. Keep in mind that this is a voluntary listing, and many breeders who do not regularly have pups available do not list themselves here.

2. Attend area dog shows and talk to Newf people there. You will find that most Newf folks are happy to talk with you about the breed. Some dog show etiquette:
Do Not pet a dog without asking permission, especially before it goes into the ring; handlers spend lots of time grooming their dogs before a show.

A handler will be less nervous and more able to talk casually if you approach her after she show her dog and not before.
Bring some cards with your name, email and home phone number to give to contacts you meet at the show, and ask for breeders’ business cards.

Where to find out about dog shows – check with the AKC EVENTS LISTING

3. Contact the Seattle Club Ambassadors

4. Follow the Newfoundland Puppies page on Facebook

5. Look into Newf Rescue.

6. Visit Newf Breeders, use your contacts from shows, the NCA breeder list and club contacts.

7. Come and see us at some club events!

Find A Breeder

Finding a reputable breeder is the first step in a long and rewarding relationship with your Newfoundland dog. Newfoundland Club of America Breeders List

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