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December 2013 Tree Pull Pictures

Water Test Workshop 6/22  10am

NCS Regional Specialty 7/11

Newfcamp and Fun Day 7/19 - 7/20

Water Test 8/24

NCS All Breed Practice Draft Test and
All Breed AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) And AKC Community Canine (CGCA)

Fall Draft Test 10/19

The club boat is now being kept at Nolte State Park.  Club members may use the boat for water training.
Here is the boat policy.  Please read before using the boat.

NCS members are invited to water train their newfs every Sunday morning at Nolte State Park at 9 am.
Remember, you need a Discovery Pass to park or must pay for parking each time.

There will NOT be a practice on July 20th, as that is the date of our Newf Camp out.  I hope everyone can come to that, even if only for Saturday day and evening. There will NOT be a practice on August 24th, as that is the day of our water test.  Come to the water test to cheer on the dogs working for their titles

If there is enough interest, we will practice through September 7th.  The PNNC water test is the following weekend.

Membership Inquiries and Renewal

For membership inquiries please contact our Membership Chair

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Contract Language

The Newfoundland Club of Seattle strongly encourages anyone who is purchasing a Newfoundland Dog to have a written contract. To assist buyers and breeders, we have provided a number of sample contracts, along with information about contract language compiled by club member Brian Hodges, esq. from the WA State Animal Law Consortium. Read More

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